40 Ways To
Market Your Art

A quick-start guide for art marketing.

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40 Fabulous Ways To Market Your Art

By Sophie Mahir

Does the idea of marketing bring up so many questions that it feels easier to just avoid it altogether?  


This is the PERFECT SOLUTION to dipping your proverbial toe in the marketing pool!


Use this easy-to-read guide as your starting place to see 40 effective (and fabulous) ways that you can market your art!  

No need to scour the internet! This is curated just for artists and creatives like yourself
- by an artist and creative!

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Save Your Time

No more losing hours of your precious time, just use the guide to select the strategies that would work for you!

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Save Your Money

Just starting out or are on a tight budget? Don't worry, there are plenty of options in the guide for you that are free.

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Avoid Frustration

Marketing can be a minefield of confusion when you first get started, which is why I put together this guide!


Hi, I'm Sophie,

A fully qualified and experienced Artist, Educator, award-winning Business Coach and Entrepreneur.
I work to inspire fine artists and creatives to set up and grow profitable businesses, whilst maintaining their artistic practice and living a balanced lifestyle.
As the founder of the Art Business Academy™ Membership Program and key courses Build Your Artists Business Plan and Market Your Art; I am dedicated to inspiring my fellow artists around the world to step up, follow my Art Business Success Path – The Five Steps To Profit From Your Passion, and turn a part-time or full-time creative practise into a thriving, profitable art business.
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