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Hi, I'm Sophie.


I’m a fully qualified and experienced Artist, Teacher, Trainer and Award-Winning Business Coach. Founder of the Art Business Academy™ Membership Program (including The Art Biz Success Path) and key courses Build Your Artists Business Plan & Market Your Art, I’m passionate about inspiring and helping other artists to make a profitable living from their art.

I’ve spent over 15 years working with hundreds of business start-ups and now artists; helping them gain the clarity, confidence and self -belief, as well all the practical business skills they need to build that dream art business and design their dream life-style from that.

Right from the start-up stage of putting together a simple Artist’s Business Plan and making that first sale. To following my simple Art Biz Success Path to market and sell their artwork or art services consistently - in order to grow from hobby to profitable art business.

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Some Client Love:

Kerry Candarakis

"Sophie’s advice and feedback and has kept me focused and inspired."

Corrine Rapley

"I finally understand what my main focus should be for this year’s art business plan!"

Heather Sheppard

"Working with Sophie to develop a plan & strategy has been a game-changer."

Irene Appleby Barthe

"I made my first Art Business Plan with Sophie's help, I'm now clear on my goals!"

Iris Whitelock

"Having the weekly planning session with Sophie is a brilliant start to my week!"

Cindy Simpson

"Sophie's guidance is always excellent and I have achieved so much!"

"Sophie knows first hand all about art marketing. She has devoted her life's work to art and teaching, supporting others with their businesses and many artistic issues, too numerous to mention here. Every piece of advice Sophie offers is immediately helpful. You will never leave one of Sophie's seminars not having gained many valuable insights into what your next move could be for your own artistic advantage. We have been friends for many years and I would recommend Sophie for everyone and for ever. Go for it!"


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