Free Artists
10-Day Mailing List Challenge.

Get your Artist’s Mailing List fully set up and ready to go; so that you can grow an engaged audience, make more sales and build your dream art business.


JULY 14TH - 23RD 2021

Free Artists
10-Day Mailing List Challenge.

Follow super simple steps to get your mailing list set up and ready to go, so that you can grow an engaged audience, make more sales and build your dream art business.


Want to have a Mailing List?

(so that you can easily market to your ideal customers) 


But stuck with how to actually set it up?

I've got you! 

Join this challenge to get your own artist's mailing list set up for success with my simple steps to follow and go from ‘STUCK' to ‘CONFIDENT’ in just 10 days! (Or less if you complete your tasks in just one hit).


TASKS: There are simple tasks to complete with examples and additional resource links to help you.

COMMUNITY: Get support and help from others who have already completed the challenge or who are doing the challenge at the same time.

QUESTIONS: You'll likely have questions - pop them in the group to get answers - I'll be popping in there sometimes too!

BONUS LIVES: I have also included the recordings of previous Live Videos, which dive deeper into each daily task.

This challenge is for total beginners or those with their Mailing List half set up (oh yes, we're here for you!).

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How the Challenge Works

We understand your time is precious, so we’ve made this as EASY as possible for you:

Get Registered

You’ll need to register to gain access to our challenge in order to discover how to fully set up each stage of your mailing list.

Log Into Your Portal

This is where all the 10 challenge post instructions are waiting for you. Along with some Bonus Extra goodies!

Complete Those Tasks

You can EITHER do this day-by-day, or binge and complete your Mailing List set-up in one go. Your choice.

Get Support

Got questions? Join the Business For Artists Facebook Group to ask fellow members for help, as many have done this already.

Here's the thing...

After nearly 20 years in the business world, selling 100’s of original artwork, prints and products, building both my coaching and art businesses from scratch to profitability...I can honestly say the ONLY thing that has truly made this work is having a Mailing List.

Without this, you are constantly having to attempt to ‘sell’ your artwork or art services to people who may not know you yet. Each time you have to start all over again.

Quite honestly this can be demotivating, demoralising, and downright frustrating!

Having your Mailing List fully set up and functioning means you can start to build that all-important connection with your new audience. Instead of posting to ‘crickets’, you can send friendly emails to potential customers - who not only gave their permission (this is vital) - but who WANT to hear from you.

If you are willing to invest a small amount of time per day for 10 days, then I want to invite you to discover the simple steps to set up your Artist’s Mailing List, so you can really get on with building your Dream Art Business - and creating every day.

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