The Biggest Mistake You Can Make In Your Art Business In 2024

Feb 28, 2024

Here's a quick outline of what I cover - but watch the video to get the FULL details of course.

If you want to make a ton of sales with your Art this year then you want to avoid the biggest mistake you can make in your art business! In this blog (and video) I share how I uncovered this mistake - by mistake…and of course if you stay right to the end, exactly what you should do instead.

Now if you’re on my mailing list you'll know that last week I put out my annual artist’s survey… And yesterday I analyzed the results - to be honest they mostly didn’t come as a surprise.

  • Most people aren’t making the money they want to from they’re art yet
  • Most people are focussed on selling original art
  • Almost half of those who did the survey only have 10-20 hours a week for the business
  • With only 13% having full time
  • Of course the challenges ranged from Time, Sales, Marketing, Mindset, Motivation and more…
  • And only 5 of you had a real tangible goal for this year!
  • And when I asked what areas you might want help with - a staggering 81% of you said you wanted help growing your Social Media presence!!

Now this is why I’m making this video.

Because the biggest mistake you can make with your art business this year is to focus on growing your audience on Social Media.


Because why would you put all that effort into building a following on a platform you don’t own and don’t have control over - which could change dramatically, or close up at any time?

Instead if you want to use your limited time and money wisely - you’d want to focus on attracting your ideal audience and making direct sales?

You’d want to grow a mailing list of YOUR audience that you own, have control over and then create a more personal connection with, build trust with etc over time.

Then when you have something to sell, you simply have to reach out to those people - WHO HAVE ASKED TO STAY IN TOUCH - and offer them the chance to buy from you.

Here’s 3 things you can do now to make sure you don’t make this mistake:

  1. Sign up for my FREE 10 day Mailing List Challenge.
  2. Watch my videos on how to grow your Mailing List OR:
  3. Consider joining my Art Business Academy Membership - where you’ll get online support, knowledge and accountability you’ll ever need!


Now let’s just say something about Social Media to put this all in perspective.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with building your presence on Instagram/Facebook/TikTok etc…and if you have the time it’s a really valuable thing to do…

But ONLY in addition, after, as well as… building your Mailing List AND if you have the time and expertise to create on trend fabulous content!!

Happy List Building - If you need any help, please do reach out via email or the Social channels, as I love to hear from you.